: 7 Awesome Tips For Moving With Your Dog

Moving is often considered to be a stressful and nerve-racking experience. Mountains of boxes, endless packing and strenous loading can leave your pets confused and unable to comprehend the entire situation. If we humans feel stressed about this whole ordeal, how much more would our pets feel by this whole change?

Today, we're going to share some tips in how to make your dog feel more comfortable and easier to settle in your new humble abode.

Tip #1 Do some subtle changes.

Dogs are sensitive creatures and they would notice any changes as soon as they see or feel it. A stack of boxes in your home would make your furry friend more agitated as it would not be something they are accustomed with. Try to pack one at a time to introduce gradual changes. 

Tip #2 Stick to daily routines.

You might be quite busy in creating a plan and packing all the rooms but you need but you need to keep your dog's daily schedule as closely as you can. Dogs have the habit of doing a consistent routine. If you disrupt any of their routines, you might find yourself dealing with unwanted behaviors.

Tip #3 Update dog tags.

Make sure update you dog's ID tags with the new address and new phone number that you might have. If you don't have any realiable phone numbers, you can include a number of  family member or friend that you could entrust your dog with.

Tip # 4 Keep away from the moving action.

While your apartment movers are busy with the action, you might want to keep your dog in a quiet room (an empty bedroom perhaps) to keep him calm. You can place some toys and some sufficient food during the whole time. Remember to keep the door closed and you can even put a sign to remind the mover to skip that room. Try to check your dog from time to time until the last box is loaded on the truck.

Tip # 5 Pack essentials for your dog.

You can pack an overnight bag for all your pets needs such as food, toys, blanket and even some medication. Make sure to also get all the medical records from your vet so that you can have an easier meeting with the new vet.

Tip # 6 Indoors is the best place to be. 

You might be thrilled to have your pet explore your new home, but you need to wait for the right time until your dog has fully adjusted to the place. Try to create a familiar atmosphere by using the old toys, old crate and blanket that your pet is used to. Keep your dog in one room until you have finished unpacking.

Tip #7 Explore the new neighborhood together. 

It a great time to explore the new area by taking some lenghty walk around the neighborhood. Let your dog meet new neighbors and even some new places to have fun such as parks. Remember to always keep your pet on leash until your dog has adapted the new surroundings.  

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